• ASTRA Ca

    It is suitable for both foliar (pulverizator etc.) and soil (irrigation systems etc.) applications.

    Calcium is the main structure of the cell wall. It increases stability of cell membrane by providing rigidity. It helps in cell division and cell elongation. It has an important role in plant development as it has an important role in balancing protein synthesis. It increases the plant’s resistance to environmental stress, thus increasing plant activity.

    It prolongs the storage life of the fruit by reducing the production of ethylene gas in fruits. It supports the proper and healthy development of young tissues, better colours and quality of the fruits. Increases yield and quality.

    Nitrate nitrogen is a preferred form of nitrogen by plants, and it is not retained by clay soils unlike ammonium nitrogen, and the plant remains free in the root zone so that it can be easily taken.

    Nitrate nitrogen plays a carrier role in the absorption of calcium from the roots and maximizes calcium uptake by the plant. It increases the water-holding capacity of the soil by replacing with the sodium ion in the soil. Thus, it reduces the possibility of erosion. The plant takes up both Calcium and Nitrate nitrogen so that there is no harmful waste accumulation in the root zone.

    It can be mixed with many fertilizers and pesticides.

    Total Nitrogen (N)8
    Nitrate Nitrogen(NO3-N)8
    Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO)13