• ASTRA Q80

    It is a liquid fertilizer containing high sulfur content. It is a quality sulfur source that quickly eliminates the sulfur element deficiencies of plants. It provides soil fertility and high yield. It is easier to apply than powdered sulfur, and it can be used at every stage of plant production from planting to pre-harvest.

    It is the most efficient product to balance the soil pH. Decreasing the soil pH value facilitates the uptake of other plant nutrients, thus promoting healthy plant growth.

    It reduces the salinity in the soil. It reduces the negative effects of lime. It eliminates sulfur deficiency both in the soil and in the plant.

    Role of Sulfur in Plants;

    Sulfur is the building block of some amino acids and forms protein. It takes part in the synthesis of many enzymes. It helps enzyme and vitamin activities. It takes part in energy and hormone synthesis. Accelerates nitrate and carbohydrate metabolism.

    Sulfur Deficiency Symptoms;

    Sulfur deficiency and nitrogen deficiency are similar to each other, but the difference is that sulfur deficiency is seen on young leaves and nitrogen deficiency is first seen on old leaves. Leaves fall and buds die. Protein and chlorophyll synthesis decreases, yield loss increases. Chlorosis occurs.

    Total Sulfur (S)80