CLASSFERT STAR is an organic product containing high levels of organic matter, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, potassium and amino acids.

    It protects the plant from stress conditions. When used at the beginning of the flowering period, it increases the flower quality of the plant. It plays an active role in nitrogen metabolism, protects the plant from stress conditions that will negatively affect root development and vegetative growth. It increases fruit quality and yield. Plants to take nutrients from the soil become easier.

    By minimizing the energy and time that the plant will spend for the production of amino acids, it allows this saved energy to be used in growth and development. It is used as a direct energy source by plants. It accelerates protein formation. It increases the resistance of the plant against abiotic stress conditions.

    It increases yield and quality in plants. It provides quick relief of stress symptoms caused by external factors. It encourages smooth flowering, high fruit number and quality. It shortens the harvest time and provides earliness in the product.

    It provides soil vitality by increasing the number of microorganisms in the soil.

    It is suitable for both soil and foliar applications.

    Organic Matter25
    Organic Carbon10
    Organic Nitrogen2
    Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)2
    Free Aminoacids6
    pH Araligi4,1-6,1