It is a unique product of high quality produced using special production techniques. It consists of high organic matter, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid, organic carbon, nitrogen, potassium and special plant growth regulators.

    It increases the vitality of the soil by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil. Soil microorganism activities also increase. It regulates soil pH. It turns the soil structure into where the plant can develop and provides maximum benefit. When applied regularly, they adjust the pH of the rhizosphere to the pH level desired by the plant. Owing to its small molecule structure, it is absorbed into the plant quickly and easily. It ensures that the root is hairy and strong by providing plant-root development, thus making it resistant to root diseases.

    Fulvic acid increases chlorophyll rate and thus leaves acquire a dark green colour due to their high chlorophyll content. Since it accelerates photosynthesis, it increases plant yield. PEP Organic is a unique product that increases enzyme activity.

    It can be mixed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers without any precipitation. It increases the effective-ness of other nutrients in the mixture on foliar applications. When PEP Organic is applied with pesticides, it reduces the phytotoxicity of pesticides on the plant thanks to its high content of fulvic acid.

    Organic Matter30
    Organic Carbon14
    Total Nitrogen (N)2
    Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)4
    pH Range4,4-6,4
    Humic-Fulvic Acid24
    Free Amino acids3